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Your Website should be fast, functional, beautiful & low cost.

We Build Websites

We build websites fast and cheap. We use the WordPress platform along with WordPress themes. You can view, test and then select your theme from thousands that are available. We then use that theme to rapidly develop your website. Simple websites can be up and working within a day!

Single Page or Multi Page?

If you’re running a small business then you need a web presence. Single page websites will act like an online brochure for your business – they’re cheap and fast to build. Multi-page are suited to companies that have more information to share and often include more complex functionality like sales carts and database connections.

What's the Rub?

To get your business online you’ll need (1) a domain name (mybusiness.com), (2) a WordPress theme, (3) somewhere to put website (the host), (4) someone to construct your website. We can help you with some or all of these elements. Contact us for a no-obligation quote to get you up and running.


Websites have never been so much fun to build!


WordPress is a fully featured content management system (CMS) which allows us to create you versatile, fully featured websites quickly and at low cost. As an example, this website for Netwired was created in WordPress and took a few days.


You need your website to look great on any platform that it is accessed from – this includes PC’s, Macs, tablets and phones. Your website needs to adjust to the platform so that it can still be read and used – that’s responsiveness and WordPress does it well!


WordPress Themes are created by developers and can be used as a framework for your website. You simply choose a theme that looks great (from over 2600+ available) and then we populate it with all your information (e.g. text, images, contact information).


Opensource means that WordPress as a development platform is community software. It is not owned by any corporation but rather is maintained by a large group of volunteers majority of whom are WordPress consultants with active interest in growing and maintaining WordPress.


WordPress has around 31,000 plugins that are available for free. These can be downloaded and installed and incorporated into your website. Find something in a website that you like? It can probably be included in your website too.


All that’s needed to get a website up and running is a domain name, a WordPress ready web provider and a theme – and we’ll get the design, layout and content sorted. If it’s all a bit confusing, we’ll help you with the lot and get you up and running.

Let's Build Something Together