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Video Production

Product Videos

Promotion Product Videos are great way to highlight your product. They need not be expensive to produce and can be used in social media campaigns, on your website, linked to HTML emails, upload to your Youtube or Vimeo channel.

Event Promotions

Capture the excitement of your event with a high powered event promotions video. Generate excitement and interest in your event and post to your social media outlets.


Informational Videos

Informational videos typically tell a story. They are used to inform or educate a target audience. This video was shot in Samoa after the 2009 Tsunami and it accomplishes 2 objectives (1) tell the stories of both survivors and victims, and (2) present a ‘call to action’ to those watching to get involved with the effort.


Training Videos

Screen capture and narrate the use of your computer applications to create webinars or educational videos that can be used over again, saving you money and time. Perfect for training your new staff to your in-house computer system – you create your videos once and use for years. We can advise you on software and teach you how it all works – or we can do the lot and work with your to create all your training videos.